The Definition of National Encryption Policies
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Cryptography is one of the technological means to provide security for data on information and communication systems. Cryptography techniques can be used to protect the confidentiality of data, to verify its integrity, or even to check the identity of the person or device that sent it. As such, cryptography is essential to the developement of global information and communication technologies as well as e-commerce. Yet, at the same time, it questions the authority of the national state, because of its need for international standards that puts in question national laws, as well as the ability it gives to businesses or individuals to conceive data from law enforcement authorities. Many countries have had to face this dilemma and it is certainly interesting to study the issues they have identified in the formulation of encryption policies, as well as the policies they have adopted. By taking into account the specific conditions (in terms of culture, political system, economy...) in these countries, as well as the specific pressures or problems they have had to deal with, is it possible to formulate hypothesis on the way encryption policies are defined, as part of a political agenda in which encryption policies are just an issue among many others ?

10/04/2002 : First draft of the plan has been proposed, validated, and is now available online. Also added numerous documents in different categories, focusing on civil liberties defense groups, industry, and US encryption policy. Due to the growing number of article in the latter category, documents have been separated on 3 chronological pages.
16/03/2002 : Subject of the thesis is now defined and has been added on the corresponding page. Creation of a new category of documents, related to interests groups and encryption policies. Creation of one of its subcategories, related to civil liberties defense groups. Numerous documents added in all categories.
25/02/2002 : Added some documents about US encryption policies. Added new sub-category in the documents category : the documents related to the attitude of the software industry in front of encryption policies.
19/02/2002 : Launch of the website. Documents about US, EU and International encryption policies are now available. Bibliography had been updated but will now be revised accordingly to the documents used in the writing of my thesis.
01/02/2002 : Beta-test version of the website is put online. Access is limited to documents about the French encryption policies.
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